Mixtape Projects

Interdisciplinary, Movement Theatre




Current Project

Rebecca Love, Coming December 2019


Upcoming Project

Killing Time: A Game Show Musical, Coming in 2020


Pop ups/Workshops


Mixtape Projects is a movement theatre company based in Toronto, Ontario. It was created through collaborative work at the Ryerson School of Performance by Artistic Director Margot Greve in 2018. We are a company in which dance and theatre are equal players, where traditional stories are told untraditionally and where non-sequiturs are common place.

Our projects merge text, dance, music, and media. We produce original works and re-imagined pre-existing works that are interdisciplinary, unexpected and FUN. Mixtape Projects believes in fun. We believe every project, whether dramatic or comedic, should come from a place of surprise, joy and excitement. Every project is a passion project. The performer is integral to our company. Mixtape Projects engages with performers who are captivating in their own unique style and voice. We strive for narratives that feature people of colour, LGBTQ+, and people with disabilities and we encourage diversity in our casting and creative team.





  • Mixtape Projects founded by Margot Greve with creative associates Natalie Marjanovic and Blair Plummer

March 2019

  • “Mixtape” produced as part of the Ryerson New Voices Festival

May 2019

  • Excerpt of “Rebecca Love” selected and performed at the Backspace Projects Spring Fling

August 2019

  • “Romeo and Juliet”, co-produced with the Panoply Collective, performed in the St-George by the Grange Courtyard



Our Team


Margot Greve

Artistic Director

Margot Greve is an actor, mover, singer, writer, knitter and creative creator who lives in Toronto, ON. She is a graduate of the Ryerson School of Performance Acting BFA program. Since her graduation she has been committed to creating interdisciplinary theatre works through her company Mixtape Projects. She is motivated by the thought of exceptional performers out there living their lives with special skills tucked away just waiting for a project to be created around what makes them unique. She strives to make that project.


Natalie Marjanovic

Creative Associate

Natalie Marjanovic is a Toronto based artist, trained in acting, dancing, and singing. She is an alumni of the Ryerson School of Performance, acting program. Natalie is passionate about moving and believes that theatre should not be limited to strictly text-based performance. She believes that movement and the body are integral parts of communication and wants to convey messages through that. She strives to break down the barriers of storytelling to find new possibilities of connection.


Blair Plummer

Creative Associate

A Toronto-based performance artist, originally from Ottawa. Blair recently graduated with a BFA in Acting from Ryerson University (2019). Blair is passionate about opportunities to collaborate with artists from an array of artistic disciplines. Playing sports and painting are true joys of Blair’s, especially in the company of family.